it's so nice to meet you!

I'm nyah

born + raised on the west coast of british columbia

photographing beautiful people for over 5 years

huge dreamer, music lover, and movie junkie

most likely out on an
adventure... or daydreaming about the next one

ENFP + type 7

I'm so happy you're here.

As I’m sure you may have figured out by now, my name is Nyah! And somehow in a sea full of billions of people, our paths managed to cross… crazy right?! I currently live in a small town on Vancouver Island, BC, and could never imagine living anywhere but the west coast. I spend most of my time doing what your typical ‘west coaster’ would do, running barefoot on a beach, getting lost in the trees, camping and sitting around a good ol’ fire with my best pals, or watching my husband surf. Fully fueled by sushi, iced lattes, and margaritas over ice.

If you’re looking for a “picture perfect” photographer, sorry not sorry, but I’m probably not gonna be the gal for you. When you hire me, you’re not getting someone who will just show up, click a few buttons, and hit the road. You’re hiring a friend for life. Someone who will be there through all the laughs, tears, and celebratory moments with you, every step of the way. I’m here to capture all the little bits and pieces of your unique, beautiful relationship, and tell your love story in the most authentic way, exactly how it should be told. I always say if by the end of your shoot if your clothes are a little dirty, hair is wind blown, and face is sore from smiling too hard, that's a sign we just created something beautiful.

Finding a photographer for your special day is not an easy decision. But I’m here to show you that once you make that leap, we’re gonna have such a stress-free and one of a kind adventure together, and I can’t wait to get planning the perfect day with you and your partner.

So whatcha think, should we get this party started?

our love story


I truly believe Taylor Swift wrote 'Invisible String' about us.

Me and Levi met when we were really little. Our paths continued to cross periodically, had lots of mutual friends. Until one day we started talking at a fire some friends of ours were having, and the rest really is history.

We got married in December of 2022 and love our cozy little home on Vancouver Island, BC.

for me, it's all about the simple things in life

from the big things to the little things

the first sip of coffee in the morning to visiting places that make you feel tiny

live for the moments when we feel most human

the way we look at the people we love, laughing so hard that your tummy hurts, how calm the world feels when you’re just 100% living in the moment....

this is what i live to document.